10 Ways that Playing an Instrument Makes You Smarter

10 Ways that Playing an Instrument Makes You Smarter

From early childhood through the golden years, studies have consistently shown that playing an instrument has a positive effect on one’s intelligence. In today’s social media driven society, playing an instrument builds some timeless qualities that may otherwise be lacking. Here are 10 ways that playing an instrument increases intelligence:

1. Playing an instrument builds and strengthens connections between brain cells.

2. Playing an instrument improves memory and the ability to differentiate sounds and speech.

3. Playing an instrument at a young age builds connections between the right and left brain, linking the logical and creative functions.

4. Playing an instrument often forces one to learn to communicate without words.

5. People over the age of 65 who play an instrument for an hour a week improved their hearing, memory, and coordination.

6. Playing an instrument builds self-discipline.

7. Playing an instrument increases one’s attention span.

8. Playing an instrument improves long-term and short-term planning skills.

9. Playing an instrument makes it easier to pick up other languages.

10. Playing an instrument helps build and promote social skills (if taking lessons and/or playing in an ensemble.)

If you already play an instrument, keep going! Grow, learn, and share. If you don’t play an instrument, begin today. Age doesn’t matter. Inquire locally to find out which programs are available.

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