Executive Director
John H. Littlejohn

Board of Directors
Teresa Wescott, Chair
Frances Belcher
Alex Cheung
Anthony Cheung
Tina Hike-Hubbard
Paula Littlejohn

Music Advisory
Herbert Greenberg

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Northwood University

The Thrive City String Academy is held on the beautiful campus of Northwood University in Midland, Michigan.

Northwood University's core purpose is to develop leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs with the skills and character to drive personal, organizational and societal success.

Located in Midland, Michigan, their beautifully landscaped setting offers a pleasant environment for study and a diverse campus life; inspiring academy students by giving them a glimpse into the life of a university student. TCSA is a live-in camp, which provides the students with an opportunity to focus solely on their craft, drastically improving the end result. The students will be housed in Miner Hall.


Northwood University
Miner Hall (Residence Hall)